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Meet Our Dogs

Our dogs are highly trainable German Shepherds that possess the will, desire and drive to please the handler, easily complementing homes and families with an active lifestyle. They proudly stand side by side participating in your lifestyle.

To learn a little bit more about our dogs including pedigrees, photos and videos, please select from the following links:


Vladimir Vom Kabushee
– Wolvesden Arsenic Remedy

On the Horizon

– Treke Mineo
– Berlin Von den Wachenbach
– Arson Von den Teuflin Osis


Malta du Kazulani
– Roxy Stasi
Ruby Stasi
– Wolvesden Lima

Spirit of Wolvesden

Wolvesden Isaak
Gyro Maximus Vom Wolvesden
– Warrick
– Lord
– Vlad/Ruby Pup