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Vladimir Vom Kabushee – Vlad

Vladimir is imported from Germany. He is an extreme pigmented Black Sable German Shepherd with a distinctive and striking head. His character is calm, balanced, outgoing, social and loyal. Being the personal dog for the Kabuschee Kennel, he is well travelled and has flown yearly with passengers to Turkey for month long vacations where the Police kennel in the Republic of Turkey used him in their breeding program.

Vlad is sired by Wolker Von Der Old Lady with old rare DDR bloodlines on his dam side that are distinctive in pigment, bone, strength and true old DDR head types. We are very pleased to see him passing on these traits to his offspring regardless of the females he is crossed with.

Along with outstanding looks, Vlad produces healthy, active and willing pups that take on and excel in multiple venues with willingness to please the handler, from professional to novice. Vlad’s offspring are highly desired as confident, loyal, and active companions as well as sport dogs.

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