Gyro Maximus Vom Wolvesden CD RE AGIS AGIJS NPS (UCD, URO3)

Gyro Maximus Vom Wolvesden CD RE AGXS AGXJS IPS JTS NS SHDX (UCD, URO3) – Crank

I got Crank my GSD from Jean almost 7 years ago, and I love the drive on him as well as the nerves. Nothing phases him. I still remember when my fence was down and my neighbour walked into my yard to talk, I didn’t even see him coming, and Crank didn’t freak out, he saw I was okay with it so he just accepted him as well (he had never really met my big husky neighbour), just love this about him. He is also very smart, too smart sometimes.
Crank just LOVES to work. I would definitely go back to Jean for my next GSD.


United Kennel Club (UKC):

  • UCD – Companion Dog
  • URO3 – Rally Level 3

Canadian Kennel Club (CKC):

  • CD – Companion Dog
  • RE – Rally Excellent
  • AGXS – Agility Excellent Select
  • AGXJS – Agility Excellent Jumpers Select
  • IPS – Intermediate Pad Select
  • JTS – Jumps & Tunnels Select
  • NS – Novice Sprinter
  • SHDX – Scent hurdle Dog Excellent

Currently working towards:

  • CDX
  • Tracking Dog – TD
  • Urban Tracking Dog – UTD
  • AD
  • BH

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