Malta du Kazulani

Malta du Kazulani – Malta

Birthdate: 20 November 2013
Sire: Oskar z Milberku
Dam: Debby vom Zellendorfer Land
CKC Reg.#: 1138544 (Click Here to view Certificate.)
UK Kennel Club Reg.#: AR02072207 (Click Here to view Certificate.)
UKC Reg.#: P907 664
HD: A Normal (Click Here to vew Certificate.)
ED: 1
Spine-Lumbosacral transitional vertebra LTV: Type 1 Good
DM: NN (Click Here to view Certificate.)

Imported from the UK, Malta is 1/2 Czech 1/2 DDR Bloodlines. She is a powerful robust female that, at first glance, one would assume she is a male. Malta is outgoing, confident, and social. She is fast and athletic with a determined character that always works to please her handler.

Malta’s sire is the outstanding male Oskar z Milnerku – a striking large male producing family companions, Police K9s and the renowned son Latigo du Kazulani K9 STAR on the hit series Chicago PD .

Malta produces pups with bone, strength, impressive heads, rich pigment, willing, and trainable dogs that are loyal family companions and guardians as well as excel and title in many dog sports, including Rally Obedience, Dock Diving, and Dog Sledding.

Pedigree - Malta du Kazulani

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Malta’s Notable Offspring & Siblings

Oskar z Milberku

Malta Sire: Oskar z Milberku

Birthdate: 05/18/2015
Titles: CGN RN RA RE – Ranked Number 2 GSD in Canada for CKC Rally Obedience.
Wolvesden Lord

LORD has been an absolute pleasure to work with and live with. He is a dog with alot of heart, dedication and extremely good mindset. Lord has proven his temperament to be stable in more ways than I can count, such as being an active part in a kindergarten classroom inquiry and visiting people with disabilities. He is a terrific kicksledding dog in the winter months, and keeps the group on the trail with ease as lead dog. Lord is often used as a mentor for young dogs, insecure dogs and dogs with social challenges. I can count on his incredible demeanor to keep others calm and respectful. His strong build, keen nose, sound structure and high intelligence makes him an excellent dog for just about any task I ask him to do.

Owner Nicole, Dryden Ontario

– Visit Lord’s page HERE

Malta is half-sister to Latigo du Kazulani, star of the TV Hit Series Chicago PD

Latigo du Kazuloni

Latigo du Kazulani

DOB: May 20, 2012
Sire:V Oskar z Milberku ZVV1, SCHH2
Dam: Coco Chanel vom Dechantengrund

OFA Certified – Excellent Hips & Normal Eyes
DM Clear

Imported from Belgium, Latigo is a black sable male with excellent pigmentation. He is powerful and heavy boned. Beautiful coat with great angulation. Latigo is confident and demonstrates courage. He is observant of what is going on around him at all times. He is highly easy to train and ALWAYS eager to learn. Latigo is a high drive male with an excellent “on/off switch”. Outgoing and friendly with family, but is aloof with strangers. He is a real dog with strong working drives.

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