Wolvesden Warrick

Sire: Vladimir vom Kabuschsee
Dam: Carma van del Heuvel

I contacted Jean for the first time in the winter of 2015. I had lost my old GSD to degenerative back issues almost 2 years prior and my GSD at the time wasn’t getting any younger at 7 yrs old. I was finally feeling like I was ready to let a new dog into our lives. I talked to Jean on phone and she listened to our story, and what we were looking for in a future dog, what our home life was like. She vetted us as owners and I felt at ease with the process of getting onto her waiting list.

Jean picked Warrick for us in the spring of 2016.

Now to tell you the truth, I wasn’t super sold on a the idea of a solid black pup, my other GSD’s where classic black and tans from American and Canadian show lines. I sought Jean and her working line dogs hoping for a GSD with a sounder body and a more even temperament for my third acquisition of the breed. Jean assured me that this sturdy all black pup was the perfect one for us, and I took her for her word.

She was right. He is perfect. If I were to draw up a list of all the qualities I was hoping for in a new German Shepherd Dog, he would tick every box. He is a bomb proof, solidly built dog who loves his family intensely.

He is incredibly easy to train and tries new things without hesitation, trusting that I wouldn’t ask him to do something he couldn’t handle. He has a drive to please us, he catches on to new ideas quickly and has fabulous manners.

He genuinely loves his kids. I swear he would turn himself inside out if his little girl asked him to. He’d do anything to make her happy, including sitting in a flower pot to play bubbles with her, or take her for “tuggy rides” across the kitchen floor. We always know where the kids are because he’s right there with them.

He has an understated, unshakeable confidence and intelligence to him. Nothing phases him. This year our community was evacuated due to wildfire for 2 weeks, turning our world upside down. We were in contact with Jean in the days prior to the evac. We could see the fire getting closer and I wasn’t sure if we would be able to find a hotel willing to take a large power breed dog or where we would end up if we had to go. It was a relief to have Jean’s input in our back pocket just in case we needed to find somewhere to board Warrick.

While the rest of us where stressed to the max, Warrick loaded himself into the back of our Suburban packed full of our precious things like it was a planned trip. He adapted to all the newness of hotel dog living with ease, which was a blessing for us as we already had so much to think about. He didn’t even look up in a crowded elevator full of guys in cowboy boots and cowboy hats, things he’d never seen before including the elevator! Oh, we gave so many people a start in the elevators, not to often you see a 5’1 lady with a 100 pound, solid black Shepherd calmly sitting between her feet! He was truly an incredible ambassador for the breed during the evac. Even though everything was new for him, new place to sleep, no kennel, no dog run, not even his regular dog dishes, it didn’t matter. Warrick was just happy to be with us, and that was enough. He was an island of calm in our world of chaos and having him there with us gave the days some normalcy. We were so fortunate that he was able to stay with us the whole time and in the end we had a house and community to go home to.

Warrick is an incredibly special dog. He will be the dog of my kids’ childhood, the one thats gets to be in all their childhood memories, the one who loves them best. He’s everything we could have ever wanted and then some. He is calm and confident, goofy and loving, intuitive and so eager to please. He’s my constant companion, bestest foot warmer, never ending fetch partner, and commanding guardian. Jean really did pick for us the perfect dog.

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