LokiFour years ago on Xmas evening we lost our GSD Odin to a horrific accident; he broke his back when he hit a wall chasing his ball. We were utterly devastated, didn’t know how we would ever recover… then, my husband Paul saw an advertisement from Wolvesden that they had puppies. We thought… could we, should we??? Paul spoke to Jean and she said, usually all my pups are spoken for but I have one pup left which is so unusual… and, I think he is meant for you. We drove out with our daughter Megan and I don’t remember much of that day but I do know we brought home our Loki.

He has healed our hearts, taught us how to trust again. He is THE best love bug gift of our lives.

Thank you so much Jean for our Loki. We are truly blessed. Xo


We were blessed with a pup from Jean 5 years ago. As a growing family on an acreage she was a perfect addition. You can see the quality of bone structure and temperament of these pups. She is always quick to learn, she’s loyal and she does her job diligently. Our dog has been amazing with both people & animals. Living with the wild she has a recall like I’ve never seen.

Having grown up with Shepherds Jean is now my go to. These pups are top notch and you see it every day you are blessed to have one in your life.

Amazing! Amazing! I would have her my whole life if I could.



We want to express our sincere thanks to you for our wonderful Black German Shepherd Dog “Rocco” We live in British Columbia, in a suburb of Vancouver in “Langley”. We love and adore him. For the past 3 years we have be grateful with a dog that is strong, confident, smart, great bone structure and head. We get a lot of compliments on what a beautiful and handsome dog you have, Wealways reply, yes we do and we got him from one of the best breeders.
We did our research and even before we got on a wait list for Rocco, Jean walked us through the process, and interviewed us to make sure we would be a good fit to have one of her wonderful dogs from a future litter.
Jean at Wolvesden Kennel, knowledge, experience, and integrity gave us some so much confidence knowing we made the right choice to get Rocco from Wolvesden.
Jean spent a lot time communicating to us via email, texting and phone calls to help us and understand us and to match us with one of her pups. There was time spent get know us, who we are, where we lived and the size of yard, our 2 current GSD, the fit for our family, our grandkids.
The process getting Rocco from Ontario to Langley in the hot summer of August 2016 was smooth, organized, and well planned. Jean was very trustworthy for this process. That summer was hot, and there was so much care from Jean to make sure that Rocco travel under safe and cool temperatures. The wait was a little longer due to the hot weather, but I was grateful for the care Jean took. It just goes to show you how much time she took continuously checking on weather and flights to get Rocco to us. THANK YOU!
For the past 3 years Rocco has grown into a great dog for our family and now is peaking at his maturity. Strong at 105 lbs. Rocco has naturally become this protector towards younger children and we really did not focus that on training. One of our grandson’s that is 5 years old wonders around on our acerage, and he follows him around and never leaving his sight. We are confident that if any thing would happen, he would alert us again like he did in the past. We have kids under the age 10 that visit us like the grandson he follows them around, and we feel confident that Rocco will not act out on them. We have a hill on our acreage and a retaining wall that drops about 8 feet and when the kids go near the edge Rocco automatically presses his body on them to alert them they are at the edge. How do you teach that? You don’t, this dog I am sure other Wolvesden dogs are protector and have that instinct.
Not only that Rocco has that natural protection quality he also is aware of medical issue one of my friend’s daughter has. This young girl is 8 and has sensory issues, anxiety, and a few other mental health issues. For some reasons unknown to us he knows and understands this. When she is over you can’t separate them, they are together, he gets poked, petted, lied on, etc, and he just hangs with her until she leaves. This young loves Rocco and is happy when she is with him. I have to wonder if Rocco would be natural as a therapy dog and if any other of Jean’s dogs are in that working line.
At obedience training Rocco did very well, and he was one of the smartest, quickest to learn and train. At the end of the training Rocco placed 2nd overall in a class of 28 dogs. But he scored and tied for first place, so there was a tie breaker and we lost to that. Just to be fair, someone had dog treats and he got distracted on that, lol!
Rocco was scouted and got to play a part in a short film that will be hitting the circuit in Canadian film festivals. Our acreage was scouted for this film production and the crew had hired and had a trained dog with a trainer that had experiences with kids. That did not work for them. We had our 3 GSD on the acreage they asked if one of them could take the role replacement, and we said sure, but they don’t have any experience, they said no problem, a trainer would assist. So Rocco was chosen and me as the owner was the trainer, he was “PawStar” Rocco worked so well with the young boy that was featured in the film.
Early into 2019 our GSD male passed from cancer and other health issues. Short time after Tikko’s passing I have been in contact with Jean to get another dog, Jean will support us and find a fit for our family. We are happy that she will find the best dog for us.
100% you will be happy that you have chosen a special breeder as Jean and Wolvesden for a dog that will fulfill your family’s addition.

Patty Horvath


A very big thank you to Jean Price and the Wolvesden family. We have had the privilege to raise two beautiful, athletic, and intelligent GSD’s Helix & Luna. Their sheer beauty, loving temperament as well as their will to work and learn is a demonstration of Jeans experience and excellence in providing high quality working line German Shepherds.

-Brandon & Natasha Lair


Hello Jean,
Once again I would like to thank you for allowing us to purchase Trip ( Wolvesden Tripwire). She has been with us for a year and a half now and we couldn’t be more pleased to own her. She has exceeded our expectations in so many areas including how loyal she is, how tuned into our special needs daughter and her needs, how she can be so gentle and yet such a great guard dog. She is healthy and strong, energetic, athletic and yet able to settle in the evenings with the family. She has learned to ring a bell to go out, to sit gently beside our daughters bed and say goodnight to her on command, to ignore distractions (including running rabbits) and to behave well in public buildings and streets. Well bred Jean! Thank you…we will definitely be going back to you when we are looking for another dog!

Sharron McClelland
D&S Quarter Horses


We have two long coat dogs from Jean Price. They are the best dogs we have ever owned. They are smart, beautiful, healthy dogs and they are very important members of our family. They travel with us everywhere and people comment all the time on how beautiful they are. Our vets check them yearly and we have never had any problems, they are 4 and 7 years old. We absolutely love our dogs to pieces and would highly recommend a dog from Jean Price.

Kind Regards,


Lord and MerlotI own two German Shepherds from Jean price at WOLVESDEN kennel. My male Lord, is 4 yrs old. Hes a very strong, loyal, smart, healthy and reliable dog. He earned his CGN RE within 3 dogs shows. He also worked as a Therapy dog for a student with autism, aiding the student in self regulation. I can depend on Lord for what ever task is put in front of him.

I also own a female, Merlot, who loves to work, excellent temperment, and very striking in features. She is fearless, brilliant, healthy, athletic, zero sensory issues and will challenge any obstacle. Merlot is a problem solver who is very devoted to her people.

I’m happy with both of my dogs from Jean. I searched a long time for a dog with excellent temperment, great bone, tight feet, rich pigment and strong heads.

I am confident in my dogs when they are in public.

I have shared my experiences with my dogs with others, resulting in other buyers purchasing dogs from Jean.

Nicole Boyd


Hello Jean,

It is with pleasure that I write to you about Peppy now three years old, who with his predominance of Altdeutsche Schäferhund genes has proved to be remarkably hardy in health with a flat back and a very thick luxurious coat. On the street people stop to tell me how beautiful he is.

After a somewhat confused beginning where we’d fallen into the hands of some trainers with limited experience, I raised this pup more or less as though he were a competition dog; scent detection course set up in the garage, some tugging every morning, fun jumping etc., and very selective and targeted socializing – more intelligent dogs require more intelligent training. We don’t compete but he comes to work with me every day at the wine shop and accompanies me to restaurants. He’s a prince to live with; calm inside the house and lively outside, and a persistent player who’s always eager to learn and work. An iron strong temperament is accompanied by an iron strong instinct.

I feel compelled to cite the originator of the breed, Captain von Stephanitz, who describes so perfectly Quanto when speaking of his own dog Horand von Grafrath

Clean and sinewy in build, the entire dog was one live wire. His character was on a par with his exterior qualities; marvelous in his obedient fidelity to his master, and above all else, the straightforward nature of a gentleman with a boundless zest for living. Although untrained in puppy hood, nevertheless obedient to the slightest nod when at this master’s side; but when left to himself, the maddest rascal, the wildest ruffian and incorrigible provoker of strife. Never idle, always on the go; well disposed to harmless people, but no cringer, mad about children and always in love

Best regards,
Greer Geddes and Quanto
Jura, France


TJWolfsden TJ – 2 years old today.
TJ is our “good boy”. He’s everything you could ask for in a German Shepherd. His temperament is exceptional. He’s easy to train, easy to live with, playful and protective. He’s healthy, nice conformation and his hips according to “Penn Hip” are excellent and his elbows are normal.

I can’t say enough about our wonderful dog! Thank you to Jean Price at Wolvesden Kennel for such a great dog!

We love our TJ.

Tammie Coleson


We are so happy we met Jean. From the first communication till now she has been an excellent, caring breeder. She matched us with Saga, will be 4 yrs soon is a perfect temperament for us.

Jean has done a great job of breeding shepherds that are intelligent, healthy, friendly and loving a super athletic.

Having grown up with German shepherds I have to say her dogs are incredibly balanced for protection and family life. I would recommend Jean to anyone and we look forward to our next puppy coming from her.

Thanks Jean for providing us with a great experience and addition to our family.

Shannon Steeves


BellaWe picked up our female GSD from Jean in October 2016. Bella is now a strikingly beautiful, strong, sweet and courageous 3 year old dog. Bella has a wonderful temperament, is very friendly with people and other dogs (including our 9 year old male Newfie). Bella was easy to train and has proven to be a loyal and protective member of our family.

Our experience with Jean has been wonderful – the best ever with a breeder. Even before we purchased the dog Jean’s communication was seamless, timely and helpful.

Jean has continued to support us and Bella since we picked her up. Jean has answered all of our follow up questions and even till this day provides quick, helpful assistance whenever called upon.

We highly recommend Wolvesden!!

Anne FitzGibbon


BeanI have had German Shepherds for roughly 45 years. When my old girl died I wanted a dog with drive, not over the top, but a dog with an on/off switch, a dog with whom I could do agility, nose work, tracking, obedience and dock diving. I did my research and discovered Wolvesden Kennel. I now own the most gorgeous bitch. She loves everyone and every dog she meets. I have never had such a smart and well put together German Shepherd. She is a little spitfire who can do it all. She is very observant of everything going on around her.

I highly recommend Wolvesden Kennel.

Thank you, Lesley


I was gifted to have one of Jean’s dogs. Ben wasn’t just a dog he was a service dog with a heart as big as the world. Ben came to me when he was 4 years old.

For the next 8 years he was with me every place I went. He was a service dog for Acute PTSD that I have.
Ben never faulted. It opened so many doors for me as I would stay inside for weeks until Jean and Ben entered my life.
He was an beautiful blonde and white Australian Shepard x Border Collie mix that Jean rescued from a southern Alberta Reservation. Now I had Ben with me I went every place. He brought such great confidence with him I gradually went grocery shopping and did everything the average person did.

Ben lived to be 16 years old. I did retire him at 15 when I saw him start to slow up. Even so he still had that spark. Many walks and time well spent. I can never thank Jean enough for Ben and the service, and comfort he provided me with.

Wendy Roache


Twisted DaggerWe are so happy to have connected with Jean and to have met our amazing boy! We picked up Twisted Dagger from Jean in October 2017 and haven’t had a single regret.

Dagger is a strong, smart and beautiful GSD who has excelled in obedience and trying his nose at scent detection. He is amazing with our daughter, whom he is so fond of. The perfect mix of work and play!

Thanks Jean.

Jennifer Partridge


I purchased my puppy from Jean (Ruby and Odin) in 2019. My experience has been extremely positive. Jean is very ethical, dedicated and goes above and beyond to make sure the puppies go to the perfect home.

When my last shepherd passed away, I was heartbroken. She had been with me for 13 years. I shared with Jean my last shepherd’s pedigree and told her the qualities I was looking for in my next shepherd. My puppy is exactly what Jean promised. My puppy is well tempered, fearless, and a quick learner. She is the perfect fit for our family. Jean is always there with advice whenever needed.

Jean is the most dedicated and caring breeder. From the first time we spoke on the phone, I knew she was the breeder for us.

My puppy had a very long trip to get to us. She flew over a two day period from Canada to Phoenix. She arrived a very confident dog who was unphazed by her two day and two flight trip. She already knew how to sit, and quickly learned how to use a bell to go to the bathroom outside. She was housebroken in two short weeks.

I would highly recommend Jean and will definitely purchase my next shepherd from her.



Oden and BerlinI was referred to Wolvesden German Shepherds by a friend and am delighted with the two adult dogs I purchased from Jean. I had a specific idea of what I wanted in my next German Shepherd and that was a healthy, stable, calm dog but one who could also enjoy performance events with me, and that is exactly what Jean gave me. Breana (Berlin von den Wachhunden des Bach) was nearly two years old when she came to me and is the ideal working German Shepherd partner I wanted but also has a wonderful off switch around the house. She is sweet and funny and loves life and I love her.

Shortly after acquiring Breana last year, I fell in love with Rio (Odin vom Muldenschlosschen) and told Jean that if she ever wanted to retire him to a family home, I would like to be considered. To my delight, Rio became available last Fall after Jean acquired a titled male from Europe. Jean described Rio as a kind, gentle and affectionate dog and said he was mine if I still wanted him. Rio has turned out to be just as Jean said. He is a wonderful dog with an amazing temperament and is enjoying his retirement very much.

If you are looking for a careful, conscientious breeder who does the best for her dogs and considers her clients’ needs carefully, you cannot do better than trust Jean.



Hi Jean,
Just wanted to say how much we love Bear. He was a great addition to our family. He is great with children and other dogs. He is only one year old yet very protective of his family. No aggression, just playful and loving. He is a delight to have around. He is so special — I can’t wait to get home every day to see him!



Jean is a very honest and knowledgeable breeder. Over the years we have become great friends. Jean is always there to listen, offer her knowledge, advice, and becoming a mentor to me.
I am lucky to have TDCH Wolvesden Isaak IPO1, BH, SJ-R, PKD-N, HIC, CGN. He is the most amazing, all-round German Shepherd. He is the family dog and very loving, loyal and patient with our young children. Wolvesden Isaak is a versatile sports dog like his parents. He is titled in IPO and Dock Dogs to name a few. He’s also a Champion Trick Dog and has done film work for movies and tv series. I am happy to say Isaak’s health tests have came back with great results, he is DM Clear and OFA Hips Good and Elbows Normal.
Wolvesden Kennel produces beautiful, versatile, balanced and healthy dogs. I highly recommend Jean’s German Shepherd Dogs.

Leslie Greeson


Maya and ShokaWe have 2 Wolvesden Dogs. Maya and Shoka. Jean is an amazing breeder who is kind, caring, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. This was the first time we had used a breeder and we weren’t sure what to expect. Jean is always available for us to ask questions and for advice. Wolvesden Dogs are bred for a variety of people and Jean ensures that each new owner suits their new puppy’s personality and energy.

Jean walks beside you in your and your dog’s journey. Whether you’re looking for a strong, healthy, highly intelligent family GSD, a protection dog or calm service dog…Jean Price and Wolvesden is the breeder for you!

We could not be happier with our babies and would highly recommend Wolvesden to anyone wanting or looking for a Working Line GSD.



I purchased Cash, a German Shepherd pup from Jean around 8 yrs ago and was very pleased with him. She is very in tune with all her dogs and their pedigrees. They are healthy, smart & loyal companions. I am purchasing my next Shepherd from Jean in Oct sight unseen hands on that is, but will receive calls, videos and photos weekly. I have 100% confidence that my dog will be everything I am wanting.
Thank you Jean you are a blessing to our dog industry.

Thanks, Colleen Broughton


I can’t thank Jean enough for providing our family with such an amazing addition. Zeros been part of the family for about 4 years now. Even just as a puppy, the training centre I had her attending, had nothing but the best feedback. My fiancé has worked at a Behaviour vet clinic in Okotoks AB for the past 10+ years. The Foothills animal hospital, as the Director of Medical services. She sees an incredible amount of GSD with behavioural issues. Zero is on the complete other end of the Spectrum. No situations bother her, she’s just so solid all around. Not to mention her health is impeccable. After having seen all of this first hand, I would never consider going to anyone other than Jean.



To anyone considering purchasing a German Shepherd:

A little over three years ago my family purchased a shepherd from Jean and he has been one of the biggest most wonderful additions to our family you could possibly imagine. His personality and behaviour has been nothing short of awesome. He plays with small children and protects our home. The affection he shows for everyone in the family is incredible. I Zeus is a solid and beautiful animal that gets much attention because of his elegance. He definitely stands out well above other Shepherd’s. I would highly recommend Wolvesden stock as it would be very difficult to find equal without looking abroad.

Sincerely yours,
The Christophersen family


“I was being recruited by RCMP in 2016, but was in a car accident. Two months later I lost my two dogs in a tragic incident. I began looking for a dog to help cope. I came across a photo of one of Jean’s pups in the arms of an RCMP officer. I had always want a long coated black shepherd. I found her on Facebook and looked through a slew of photos and posts by other owners. I made the deposit for my pup on the anniversary of my car car accident – and then by October she had a pup for me.”
“His name is Justus (just us). I could not possibly explain how perfect my dog is… He is intelligent, tolerant, and protective. He is a sweet dog – very relaxed, but FUN!! He is calm, I have literally walked him in a thunderstorm and he completely ignored it, fireworks – no big deal. I’ve taken him to the barn and he went in to see the horses, didn’t bark at them, but decided he would rather watch them outside of the paddock. He is extremely alert and always aware of what is going on… he is literally perfect. I would and plan to add another of Jean’s dogs once we are settled.”

Krista Brown


“After many months of searching all over for our next puppy, I found Wolvesden Kennel. All my questions of any kind easily answered respectfully. I felt very comfortable with her and knew I wanted to work with in getting a puppy. When we received our puppy I was super impressed how dedicated Jean was in the continuity of care. The puppy we received exceeded my expectations!! excellent temperament, great focus and drive to preform any task. As well a very loving family dog. I could not be any happier with our beautiful boy !!!”



– July 2017 –

“I am very pleased and honored to recommend Howlin’ Good Times Kennels owned and operated by Jean Price.

“Jean regarding, Tess!! German Shepherd Dog bred by Wolvesden Kennel donated GSD Tess to André Cardinal, an RCAF Veteran from the MSAR Courageous Companions Program. Tess landed in Montréal Pierre-Elliot Trudeau International Airport on April 17, 2013. She was escorted throughout her connections from Edmonton to Montréal, by “Air Angels” Westjet flight attendant Erica Brant. André welcomed Tess at the airline gate. His smile was priceless! This would have never happened without the generosity, kindness and financial support of Jean Price, MSAR’s Captain George Leonard, Westjet, Air Angels’ Jane Russett, Erica Brant and Shere Fraser Lowe and Wounded Warriors Canada.

“Jean is one of the best GSD breeder/kennel in Canada. The hallmark of Jean’s character is her honesty. This extends from those areas where it is easily seen in her relationships, business transactions, donations as well as in her integrity. Jean is one of the most pleasant, hard working breeder you’ll ever meet. You will be very impressed by her professional manner.

“Jean Price has my unqualified professional endorsement and my deep respect. She has changed the life of a Veteran suffering from Operational Stress Injury by donating one of her best young imported GSD. My observations from Tess was that she had a nice temperament, very social and stable. She was able to certified last fall with MSAR in Winnipeg as a Psychiatric Service Dog. She is now a very reliable, self disciplined, careful and confident Service Dog.

“On behalf of all Canadian Veterans suffering from Operational Stress Injuries and every Canadian who has served/serving our beautiful country, thank you Jean and your 4 legged friends for your support to our troops!

“God bless you,”

Bill Cusson
Certified Master K-9 Trainer